Ladies Instructional Sailing Retreat The Windward Islands

Caribbean beauty, magnificent trade winds, sun, sunsets, and crystal clear blue seas…

Date: July 21 – 27th, 2024

Sold Out

Where: St. George’s Grenada – Port Louis Marina

Private Cabins, all meals included, ground transporation to and from Maurice Biship International Airport, all C&I fees on board, learn in a small group of 3 students and Captain Deb.

Pure Grenada – enjoy great sailing, seas, marine life, people, culture, landscape while you learn sailing and cruising basics with Captain Deb Marlor. Capt. Deb will take you sailing and then enjoy cruising life with a snorkel, paddle board, a good book, your music and sketch pad.

Captain Deb is a USCG Licensed Captain, has recently sailed over 28,000 nautical miles, uniquely trained as a CertifiedLife Coach. The Windward Islands were home to Captain Deb and she knows these waters and islands well, having spent over two years sailing here.

Enjoy the consistent trade winds, beautiful seas, and learn life aboard a 42 foot sailing yacht. See first hand what it is like living aboard, sleeping aboard, using a Dinghy for transportation after you tie off on a Mooring Ball. How to utilze the systems that you would take for granted in an condo or home.

Build your skills or for some begin to learn what skills you will need to successfully navigate a sea life.

Learn the what, why and how!

Skills introduced –

  • Routing and navigation
  • Line hanling
  • VHF
  • Sail handling
  • Charts and a Chart Plotter,
  • Cooking
  • Systems –( Electrical, Water, Black Water, Fuel, Air conditioning, refrigeration and more) Autohelm
  • Safety
  • Weather and weather routing
  • Helm
  • Dinghy use and driving
  • Anchoring /Mooring Ball
  • Docking and line handling at the dock

Your Ocean Dream

You may have a dream, or thoughts about what you think your life will be like, with Capt. Deb you will create your own dream and make a plan for your dream being achieved.