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Deb is living proof that you can manifest anything in your life.  Read her story to see the adversity she has faced and how she has manifested a life she loves living.

Victim to Victor

At the early age of eight, her father died. This was an unexpected and traumatic experience. As she transitioned to a young adult, she noticed that she had acquired an unwanted personality trait where she saw herself as a victim of the negative actions of others. Her sailing school classroom experience was truly one that was far more than a certificate. She enjoyed the sport and became intimately familiar with all aspects of boating and its relationship to the environment, experiencing wind, and lightning. This experience fostered a deep sense of accomplishment, reinforcing her to live intentionally, purposefully, and with curiosity.

Ethical Dilemma

Her first big business move was when she drove across the country from Ohio to San Francisco, with a promise for a new job. When she arrived, she knew she was in the right city, but very unsure she was in the right company. Something wasn’t right at work.

She suspected her colleague and boss might be fudging numbers and weren’t telling the truth about important projects. She found herself working in a way that left her with many questions, “How do I know when it’s worth speaking up?” or “Can I protect myself from the consequences from my co-workers bad behavior?” Most importantly, “Can I say no?” These questions didn’t last long, as the division was shortly closed for its unethical behavior. She analyzed the situation and decided to it was time to put fun back in her life and work


She escaped to Lake Tahoe to work at a ski resort. She was required to wake daily at 4:00 a.m., walk into the marketing office, and make 200 calls each morning to radio and TV stations throughout California. After those calls were made, she moved downstairs to the Ski School desk, skiing daily with great coaches. Not only did that impact her skiing, it also developed strong connections with athletes that inspired her. She learned how to ski well with that first coach, and it had a great impact on her future development.

Growth and Purpose

After attending a seminar by Werner Erhard


in the late 70s, she realized for the first time that she could have a journey of personal growth and rediscover her purpose in life. She began to look at other courses and was inspired to start her career in tech sector. That career was fast-paced and, while traveling the United States, Deb proved to be a top performer, year after year.

She moved into management, training sales teams, and continued to have great success. In this time period, she met and married her husband, had two children, lost the family home and a small business, moved across the country, and almost died. She started over as a salesperson, again proving again to be a Top Performer, but realizing that she wanted more.

Being Coached

She began to work with a professional coach

focusing on vital tools and skills to empower herself to be more open and present, strengthening relationships in her personal and professional life. She joined sessions that were large workshops and small group interactions that allowed her to collaborate and consider new ways of thinking.

When she needed to apply this knowledge the most, years later as the pressures of running a business and supporting a family grew, it took a backseat to stress and anxiety. At times, she would find herself unsure of how to stay focused on her goals, or letting her internal dialogue prevent her from speaking with employees, customers, and partners. Here she was: a founder, president, and CEO of her own company, the exact definition of success.  And yet, she felt something was missing. After almost two years of stress and anxiety, her physical body and mental health fell apart, and all of her spiritual and healthy habits seemed to slowly slip away.

Living the Dream

As an award-winning entrepreneur

with over 35 years of demonstrated success in creating and developing sales teams, leading demand generation activities for Fortune 500 sales teams, generating millions in revenue for channel sales programs, and strengthening client pipelines, she made the decision to sell her company. She returned to the basic foundational root system that allowed her to grow, prosper, and continued her personal and transformational journey.

Deb and her husband sold their home and moved aboard their Beneteau Oceanis 38 sailboat, called Simplicity, full-time. They sailed the West Coast of the United States from Seattle, Puget Sound to the San Juans, to San Diego, from Houston, Texas, to Florida, stopping in Pensacola, Key West, and on up to Maine and the extensive Bahamian Islands including the Abacos, Eleuethra , and Exumas, traveling 20,000 nautical miles along the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic East coastlines.

Deb is living her dream… you can too!

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