I offer individual or couples coaching, mentoring, guidance, resources, and commission management, to assist you in making a successful transition into the Ocean cruising dream lifestyle.

Do you have a voice calling you to the sea?

Do you dream of cruising and seeking freedom on the water?

Whether you need help choosing a boat, preparing for the journey, staying safe, or just understanding what life as a Cruiser is really like, Captain Deb can mentor you every step of the way.

With over 30 years of professional management experience and a lifetime of boating under her belt, Captain Deb is a certified Life Coach who can guide you through the ins and outs of the boating industry. From coastal cruising to ocean sailing, she has the knowledge and experience to help you explore your options and plan your journey.

If you’re feeling nervous or uncertain about your departure, Captain Deb can help calm your nerves and build your confidence. She is dedicated to supporting you and helping you realize your dream of cruising, whether you’re exploring a familiar coastline or sailing around the world.

Stages of Your Ocean Dream Lifestyle

1. Dream Stage:

  • You are actively dreaming about a life on the sea

2. Decision Stage:

  • Education both practical and theory – learning about and doing, taking action
  • Trying different boats – sea trials, friends
  • Going on a Charter for 7 – 10 days

3. Action Stage:

  • Your vision is clear and specific
  • Purchase of boat
  • Continuing education
  • Take delivery of your boat

4. Realization Stage:

  • You bought your boat!
  • Now the paperwork, registration, insurance, and commissioning of the boat to you and your cruising needs.
  • Time to bring the Instructor/Coach/Captain aboard to assist you with your priorities.

5. Living it Stage

  • You are cruising, using your boat as you envisioned.
  • Living a beautiful life and your Ocean Dream

The Cruiser Engagement Rates

  • Monthly engagement starts with a Zoom call (90 minutes);
  • Each month we have scheduled 90 minutes call on Zoom, our primary technology for these sessions. You are encouraged to be in frequent contact by email, WhatsApp or calls between our sessions.
  • Getting started, complete a brief questionnaire to inform Deb about your experience, goals, and concerns.
  • Schedule for availability and return completed questions so Deb can learn more about you and your unique circumstances.
  • Submit payment online, then we’ll schedule our first session.

Onsite Engagement:

  • Rate: $50 hour, or $400.00 a day plus travel expenses.
  • Note: a fee may apply if extended downtime is required for travel.

Monthly Remote coaching

This format will help you through this journey, answering questions and providing guidance as you work through your stages..

The Remote Coaching Options:  See pricing below:
  • 3 Sessions – each session up to 90 minutes
  • 6 Sessions – each session up to 90 minutes
  • 12 Sessions – each session up to 90 minutes

Customized options are available!


You have the boat in your marina, dock, or location where you are keeping the boat.  You have made a lot of life decisions this year, and you are still at the dock.  You did your shake-down cruise.

Ask yourself where do I feel “disjointed, out of control, uncomfortable”?   Have a laser coaching session, get your action plan ready and you will be ready to leave before you know it.

What skills do you feel you or your crew need to master before leaving?

Departure Day – this day will be like any other day that you leave the dock with one exception, you are not coming back.  You are setting the compass heading to your first destination, and you are cruising.  Now it begins to sink in.  All the preparation, studying weather reports, routing, uploading waypoints, and you are at the helm, you have left the marina, and made your final turn from what had been your home inlet.

Active Cruiser Support – active cruisers with big-picture guidance on routing strategy, weather insight, regional planning, maintenance troubleshooting, new equipment, and more.

Deb supports you on the relationship side of learning this new lifestyle together, and/or she will assist you when you have those curve balls that happen out of left field.  So, lets figure it out the actual problem, assess the situation and give you the best recommendations of what to do, where and when with known resources. While through this calming fears, doubts and worries.


There is no substitute for instruction,  learning on your own boat. Cruising will often have unexpected challenges with situations that  happen at sea, or remote areas, and/or out of range of professional help.

Deb will support you learning your boat in a stress-free environment.

Knowing your boat, how to do a pump out, prepare to dock, dock your boat, anchoring, your checklist to safe cruising.  VHF Usage, Marina Etiquette, Provisioning, Managing and Maintaining Your Boat,

Completing and verifying the documentation stage, insurance.

Being aware, teaching you how to you can start cruising with better skills and more confidence.  Courses and resources for knowledge and building a solid foundation for your fundamental skills.

Onsite learning topics include:

  • Pre- and post- purchase boat evaluation (Survey Review)
    • Documentation/Insurance/ compliance review
    • Providing Ultimate Sailing/Boat Maintenance Management Tool with all systems checklists included
  • Inspect Sails
  • Docking and maneuvering in a marina
  • Basics Sail trim and sail handling.
  • Navigation Basics
  • Managed and electrical and water resources – what do you have, condition, what to do next?
  • Weather routing guidance
  • Leaving the US and entering other countries (Customs & Immigration)
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