Ocean Dream Group Coaching

Navigate to a horizon where YOUR dreams are the reality.


Learn the Exact Systems to Master your Mindset, Turn Fear into Action, and Transform Your Reality in 12 weeks!

🌊 Unlock Your Ocean Dream Vision & Set Sail Towards It 

If the call of the water has always whispered to your heart, the Ocean Dream Group Coaching Class is your Compass. 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a transformative 12-week journey?

Let Coach Deb Marlor guide you closer to that horizon where the ocean meets your dreams!

Discover the Depth of Your Ocean Dream:


🔹 Crystal Clear Vision: Immerse yourself in clarity as you define and refine your Ocean Dream vision.

🔹 Amplify & Activate: Prioritize what truly matters, amplify your vision, and mobilize your best resources.

🔹 Break Free: Shatter the chains of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and patterns that hinder your progress. Rise above self-sabotage and supercharge your results.

🔹 Confidence Anew: Re-discover the innate confidence within, powering you to chase any wave, any dream.

🔹 Mastering Mindset: Learn invaluable strategies to not just overcome fear, doubt, and worry but to harness them as forces pushing you forward.


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel an unexplainable connection to the water and yearn to build a life around it?
  • Are you plagued by limiting beliefs that keep you anchored to the shore, rather than sailing towards your dreams?
  • Is the lack of clarity making your Ocean Dream vision feel like a distant mirage?
  • Have fear, doubt, and worry become the storm clouds overshadowing your sunny aspirations?

What to Expect

This program is a group experience with up to 7 like-minded individuals who have similar goals of living their life on or near the water. During the 12 weeks we will meet weekly for 60-90 minutes where you receive training and hot seat coaching.


  • You will have accountability to your coach and a group of your peers.  
  • You are a part of a community formed where high achievers spend time together and collectively share ideas and support each other in achieving dynamic results.
  • In a group coaching setting, you have 5 perspectives to draw from and new ideas to resource a situation. 
  • People from an organization receiving coaching together creates a model for building trust through vulnerability and curiosity.  Each participant can then take these behaviors back to their individual teams and create a culture of trust.
  • While participating in group coaching, you learn in real-time how to ask better questions, stay curious, and hold people accountable. 

Do you ever imagine things like this? 

Sailing off on the boat you have always wanted…  or

You are sitting on your balcony in Hawaii, watching the whales as they pass by…  or

You want to SCUBA dive and sail, and love being in the Ocean… or

You just want to live in a state that is warm and you can easily get to ocean…


So how do I get there?

Well, my first question: Do you really truly believe it is possible?

If your answer is: I am not really sure? I know I’d love it, but not sure I have the money? Or not sure I have the ability?

What if you were asked: what’s stopping you?

It’s not the right time. I don’t have enough money. I can’t stop working yet? I’m afraid… I’ve heard it all.

You see it does not matter what your answer is, until you decide, unequivocally, it won’t happen.

Henry Ford said it best; “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”


Discover Your Ocean Dream Group Coaching

This is a group coaching opportunity with like-minded people who have the desire to be doing something other than what they are doing now! Specifically, you have an Ocean dream that is unique to you. To have your own sailboat or powerboat, leave your business world and have the time and money freedom you have desired, own a Charter company, Cruise the world, Race a TransAtlantic or TransPacific Ocean, Cruise the Great Loop, own a beach home, or condo on a small island. Or? You get to create your Ocean Dream, your imagination, your desires, and longings.

Why because when you vision this life you know that the Ocean feeds your soul. You are ready. You know there is something more. It is your time its time to but down on paper and know it is deeply rooted within you. You are no stranger to the fears and patterns that keep you playing small, yet you are now willing to meet the shadows in order to live bigger. You are the maverick who is done following the status quo and you are ready to set sail across the wide unknown to chart your path.

You are ready.
This is a 12-week class. You will learn skills that will serve you in every domain of your life. You will learn a proven and repeatable methodology that will accelerate your results.

The cost is $2,000.00.

This includes your online portal, audio and course workbooks and weekly Group Coaching. Every three weeks, Deb will do an open Q&A for all!

This class is taught by Captain Deb Marlor
Advanced Transformational Life Coach
A woman living her best life living her dream on her Sailboat Simplicity.