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5 Steps to Navigating Your Ocean Dream

Who is this Book for? 

Those who dream of sailing away, cruising to the islands, learning to sail, racing, and sailing locally, and simply those who have a dream of a lifestyle that includes nature, the ocean, beaches, whales, dolphins, and sun!

This is for anyone who wants to have a life on the ocean, time sailing or cruising, and loves the opportunity to be in nature.
This is for anyone who has had enough of “the grind”. You are ready to leave behind the pace of your current circumstances and conditions.
You want to live life out on the ocean, and you want to know what the first step is.
An adventurous lifestyle.
That you have found that you long to be somewhere other than being in the office, that the constant repetition and pounding drives stress and anxiety, and just sadness, and not being fulfilled.
That you no longer have the drive and passion you once did in business.